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The HOLOCAUST is a GOOD example of EVIL !!

There is NO GOD representing GOOD and there is NO DEVIL representing EVIL !!

Like I don't believe in the existence of a GOD, I don't believe in the existence of a DEVIL !!

GOD and the DEVIL aren't two forces in Nature !!

There is no battle going on between the forces of Light and Darkness !!

Hitler didn't worship the DEVIL or sold his SOUL to the DEVIL !!

So why was Hitler so EVIL that he sent the Jews to the gas chambers ??

Hitlers EVIL is the kind of EVIL we all possess !!

Our SOUL is made from two FORCES an EVIL-FORCE and a GOOD-FORCE !!

In a "Normative" human these two forces are in Balance !!

So this balanced human is not to GOOD and also not to EVIL !!

This person is Both, GOOD and EVIL !!

It is like having a third principle !!

But without the edges !!

In most people there isn't a balance between the GOOD and the EVIL !!

Or they are to GOOD to be true then they Suppressed the EVIL inside !!

Or they Suppressed the GOOD inside and become to EVIL !!

See the following YouTube video : THE SHADOW